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Thread: OK It's Friday,, whatcha got planned for the Weekend

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    OK It's Friday,, whatcha got planned for the Weekend

    I'll be in the shop doing my usual. Got the casework and drawers done on the BIG Desk for LOML, guess it's time to add some feet to it then it'll be time to glue up the 9 foot top. Church in the AM on Sunday. So whats going on around the rest of the world this week end.
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    Working on the Birdseye Maple and Cherry bookcase...a bit more sanding to do.

    Started building Kitchen cabinets a couple of days ago, so I'll be working a bit on those too....making the face frames and doors out of Ash....again ...thought I was done making Ash kitchen cabinets....must be a popular wood with the emerald ash borer killing off all the trees.

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    Church meetings on Saturday morning, services on Sunday - the rest of the time I'm in the shop working on my bathroom wall cabinet.
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    I start a six day woodworking class with Jeff Lohr this weekend:

    It runs the next three weekends. I'm pretty excited about this.

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    My weekend started at noon today. Working on the wifes Christmas gift, sanding the primer right now. Got to putty a couple of imperfections that showed up. Then sand some more and hopefully tonight I can spray on the first coat of red. If so then I can apply the final coat tomorrow!

    Then time to install the shelf hardware and if I can get an answer out of my wife on how many shelves she wants. I will just have to build and paint them. That will keep me busy into next week I suspect.

    Church on Sunday of course, that will be our final day there. We have put it off for a long time but we lead to move on to something new. Now we start the search and figure out where it is we are being lead. That's going to be kind of tough.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Back on thos set of oak cabinets again.

    I'm burning the candle on both ends again.

    This week I've switched from oak cabinets to the other whole house maple cabinets, base, staircase. Back and forth trying to keep ahead on both jobs. It isn't working. I'm going in circles.
    Hired a guy that does some trim work to help me out in the new house.
    He's been finishing up the base [about done] while I've been installing the kick boards and treads and risers on the staircase. About 2/3 rds done with the treads and risers as of today.

    Tomorrow I need to build a 30" base cabinet, drawers for a completed 57" cabinet, then deliver those two plus the double oven cabinet. Maybe deliver sunday evening, and install them.

    Good news is my bagged insulation will be delivered in the morning, and the guy that has offered to blo it in free of charge, will be here tomorrow afternoon after 2:00, with his son. So hopefully my insulation will be all done sometime sunday. He das 2580 sq ft to cover 10" deep.

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    My weekend started about 4:15 with a trip to HD for some OSB to start the walls and ceiling. Had planned to spend 100.00 from Christmas money and get what I could. I figured 13 or 14, and chip in a little for tax, as I remember it was 6.95 last I looked. I had a pleasant surprise, down to 4.95!! So I got 20!!! I spent the next 2+hours cleaning up the shop, making an outfeed table out of a roll around welding table the previous owner left, cut the one piece of material for the light reflectors that I need to finish up, and unloaded 2 sheets of the OSB.
    After I work from 8 til 1 tomorrow, have lunch, then LOML and I will probably go to a friend's house to help with some projects. Sunday I'll get back to the shop. May have a trip to East Dallas to pick up a dish washer. Hopefully somewhere along the way I can get rid of this caugh that is killing me. Jim.
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    Going to build a base on wheels for a solid core door I use as my miscellaneous bench/finishing table.

    I got lucky awhile back and got a bunch of nice 2x6, 2x8, and 2x12 douglas fir mixed in with a lot of pine boards at an auction for $20 so I am using it up.

    Other than that, clean up the shop, take the kids by my parents, get ready to go back to work on Monday.....

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    My consulting work got drawn out, so I had to delay pick-up of my Steel City drill press and mortiser till tomorrow. Traffic will be better on a Saturday anyway... Hope to post pics in the afternoon.

    Wife will be back next week, so lots of house cleaning.....

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    Greg, what kind of shovel do you use for the "Wife had been out of town for a while" cleaning....?

    I like the flat coal shovel, does double duty around the lathe

    I'll be working on getting "Kermit" back into working order
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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