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Thread: Pendant Jig Arrived Today

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    Pendant Jig Arrived Today

    Mail man just dropped this off, Now just got to see if I can make it work as good as the others here have!
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    You will have fun.

    Good double sided tape -- and you will find that sometimes you will only be able to use only 3 of the thumb screws -- which is fine and safe.. because the 4th one may be in the way when using the indexer..

    You know we will need some "Show and Tell"

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    Musta missed sumptin. Howzit work? Who sells it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Musta missed sumptin. Howzit work? Who sells it?
    Check out this post:
    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    Here ya go Frank:

    I'd like to get one myself...need to save up some lunch money first, though.
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    Reak nice one, got to dig mine out and do some more.

    Group buy on these going on at "The Pen Shop" $36 +shipping. until 3/15

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    Congrats Dan you are going to have fun with it. I just ordered a second thin plate from Richard today. Mounting the wood with screws to that plate I found I can turn a pendant without the double stick tape for holding a piece on the end. I just turned the pendant out of that piece.
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