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Thread: Mounting a TV over a fireplace question.

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    Question Mounting a TV over a fireplace question.

    Hi all,
    I've been wanting to do this for a long time but it was going to be a real pain so I've put it off. But I think I've come up with a solution that will be some work but also update the room and get me the result that I want. I've got a 42" LCD HD set in the family room. It's on a stand in the corner of the room which doesn't really work all that well. I want to mount it on the wall above the fireplace. Currently the entire end wall of the family room is brick. It's about fourteen feet long with a raised hearth and the brick runs from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Mounting a bracket to the brick would be fairly easy but getting power and A/V cables hidden would be a drag.

    The other day I was looking at it and hit upon what I think is a good idea. At this point I'm thinking about just removing the brick all the way across from the ceiling down to a point that's about the center of the current mantle. Then I'd just frame out the area above the brick and drywall it. I'd do it so that the drywall would be flush with the remaining brick. Then I'd build a new mantle that would mount right at the transition. That would help hide the seam when all is done.

    The mantle would be about 16-18" above the top of the fire box opening. Then the TV would mount a few inches above the new mantle. I hate to lose the existing mantle because I built it myself about eight years ago and I like the way it looks. But I figure with new drywall I'd build a new more contemporary mantle instead of the rustic look of the log.

    I have fires fairly regularly in the winter and even when I've got a pretty hot fire in there for five or six hours, the brick stays fairly cool up near the mantle. Yes it's pretty hot right above the fire box but it doesn't get that hot for more than four or five courses of brick. Even the air above the mantle is pretty cool when the fire has been burning for a long evening. Before I do this I'm going to get a good hot fire going and let it burn for a good long time and then put a thermometer up where the TV will be and see what happens. I really think it will be fine but I want to be sure BEFORE I start tearing out brick. :lol:

    Anyway, if I proceed with this project I can easily hide all of my speaker wire and cable inside the wall and have a nice clean installation. I can put HDMI terminal plates behind the TV and then over near where the rest of the A/V gear is at. Right now my sub-woofer is just sitting on the hearth and I think I'll just build a small rack to put the cable box, Blu-Ray player, and A/V receiver on. It will be out of the way but still accessible.

    I'm thinking that this project will update the room a bit and bring it into the 21st century. The house was built in 1969, well before LCD High-Def flat panels. Most people these days want to have a home theater room and I think this will really work well.

    Do any of you have a TV mounted above a fireplace? If so, have you had any issues? Thanks for any input!

    Oh yeah, here's a before picture....

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    In addition to having to crank yer neck up to watch the TV, I think the heat will prove a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    ... having to crank yer neck up to watch the TV
    John, I want to echo Frank's comment here.
    Please be very sure you like having your TV that high before you go to this work.

    I was at a cottage a year ago that had one of these big TVs above the fireplace. I found it a literal pain in the neck. It is VERY high compared to what we are used to in a TV.
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    We put a lot of them tv's over the fire places in the homes we build. not sure how they work as i don't have one,but have seen them in the finished houses. as far as i'm concerned it shouldn't be a problem it seems every one is doing it.

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    The TV in my shop is mounted up high and even using a stool when ZI'm sitting at a bench, I find it a litural pain in the neck, it's ok while standing but not good sitting.
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    I'm with Frank and Art - too high for my taste, and neck. I know it's becoming very common but I don't think it's because it's a good idea, I think it is because today's "open" floor plans don't have sufficient wall space to place both a fireplace and a TV in the same room. Rather than force buyers to give up one or the other, they compromise, and, like all compromises, you give something up. In this case it is a proper viewing angle which most videophile web sites state is to have the center of the screen on level with your eyes from your normal viewing position.
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    The thermometer will tell you what you need to know about the heat issues.

    The pain in the neck issue depends on the seating while watching TV. The TV up high like it will be is good when lying in a recliner, but my trifocals make it difficult to focus when stretched out in the recliner.

    Put your seating where it would be in front of the TV and focus on the deer above the mantle. In focus or out? Pain in the neck or not? Playing make believe here will answer a lot of questions for you.

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    If your laying back in a lazy should be okay looking up at the TV... only way I watch TV in the living room..I mostly watch TV at my desk... the TV is in a closet to my left... I can glance left or watch out of the corner of my eye while I play on the computer....

    On the mounting and running the cable... if the brick wall is a veneer, you should be able to drill into the chimney cavity through the brick and fish the cable through the drill hole... the chimney in my last house that had a fireplace had brick in the LR, but in the attic, it was a metal pipe that was encased in a wood frame... there was almost a foot of space around the chimney pipe.
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    When we decided to replace our fireplace (old/broken/dangerous) with a new one that was a decision we had to make.

    I know a lot of people do mount their tv's over the fireplace, but from our research, it really wasn't recommended for a couple of reasons.

    1) too much heat, and it can potentially void the warranty on a fancy expensive piece of electronics.
    2) Too high.
    3) potential smoke damage in case someone forgets to open the damper...

    We actually decided to move the fireplace and use the alcove where the old fireplace was as an entertainment alcove...
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    Seen a lot of them mounted that way...Never understood why, for all the reasons everyone else has already stated.
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