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Thread: Vacuum Chuck questions

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    Vacuum Chuck questions

    Does any body have one of these?
    If so is it any good?
    Is there one you would recommend over this one?
    Would I be correct in thinking that with this chuck the bowl has to be grater than 6" for the chuck to work?
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    I use the chuck head part of that set, but I use a vacuum pump instead of the vacuum generator. (They both work well.) The Holdfast chuck head is very good. They also have a 3" diameter head here. You're correct about the diameter...a 6" chuck head won't hold anything smaller than about 6 1/2" in diameter.

    You can also make your own chuck head with MDF, a short piece of PVC pipe, and some rubber o-ring or gasket material. I know Stu has made his own and posted pics here. I've got the parts to make some others for myself, but so far the 6" chuck head has handled everything I've needed. The few times I've had something smaller than that, I've dome up with other ways to finish the bottom of the piece.
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    Making vacuum bells is a very easy thing to do and a WHOLE lot cheaper than your reference.

    I make mine out of PVC caps. Get a tap to match your lathe spindle thread. Hot glue a wood plug to fit inside the cap. Drill and tap though the cap and plug. Thread it on the headstock spindle and true up the edges of the cap. I taper the edge inward slightly and slightly round over the outside edge. You don't want the vacuum to leave a "ring."

    Get some closed cell door/window insulation tape. 3/8" to 1/2" works well. Make sure the insulation tape is closed cell or it will leak air in. Cut a diagonal mating of the ends. Stick it on the edge of the cap. Make several of different sizes. Caps are cheap. The tap won't be but it is a one time purchase and will be handy again and again. I have a tap for the tail stock center as well.

    Some folks use a coupler and turn an end plug to fit. That works too. To seal the plug in either application, run a bead of hot glue in the intersection of the plug and the PVC wall in the inside.

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    YUP, including the lathe.

    You can get a 3" cone, too.

    and get the Reversing adapter, too.

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    The vacuum adapter on my DVR looks like little more than a bearing that fits the hole in the headstock. They recommend a shop vac (a good one that has separate cooling - I use a Fein). Tiny pieces don't stick but a larger piece sticks fine to the piece of plywood and foam that I put on my faceplate.

    With a good size piece (so there is plenty of area for air pressure/vacuum difference) a shop vac works great. For smaller pieces I have to dig out my vacuum pump to give enough suction to work. I have turned hunks of 2x4 as adapters between shop vac and the pipe I stuck in the bearing - to get the shop vac down to the pipe size, etc.

    Total cost $25 for the "vacuum adapter" (aka sealed bearing) and almost no other cost.
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    Making the chucks is easy, but DON'T use MDF, that was my mistake, as it is as porous as a sieve I ended up having to soak, and I mean SOAK the entire piece of MDF with thin CA glue to get it to seal, what a pain.

    Hardwood, or good plywood with a coating of poly would most likely work, I do like Carol's idea of the end caps, but the ones I've seen here the flat on the end cap is slightly domed, so that would be hard to use
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    I've made them with MDF and BB. Both types leaked like sieves but, an application of 1lb shellac under vacuum is sucked up right quick. And with all that air passing through it dries right quick too.

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    Domed caps? Not a problem. Turn a domed plug to fit.

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    If I understand it properly there is a hard line through the arbor hole & a connector of some kind that won't turn with the line & the chuck head what is it can it be built of off the shelf parts? Can someone please put up pictures of their shop built vacuum chuck with explanations. Also what is an inexpensive but good vacuum pump & where to purchase one?

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    Here's a how to that Steve S. posted and is now in the the tip & tutorial forum.
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