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Thread: What is going on here?? Unbelieveable!!

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    Angry What is going on here?? Unbelieveable!!

    A man has been awarded $$$ after he cut off his fingers with his table saw....Unbelieveable!!

    Click for story here

    I hope this ruling doesn't put an end to lower end entry level TS that many people buy, myself included, when they get started in wworking.
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    So I guess there saying that if he would have bought a sawstop he wouldn't have been injured, sounds to me that he made the choice not to buy the sawstop so therefore it was realy his fault. What every happened to the term "Buyer Beware"
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    Look at a ladder, all of those labels come from lawsuits or possible lawsuits. When a person puts a hot cup of coffee between their legs and gains money in court, I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Does it make me happy, nope. This guy didn't have a dad like mine, he would feel bad for me, but to blame it on the manufacturer when the saw performed as expected and win money, I would be walking around with my dad's boot up my butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post left with "personal responsibilty"....
    Closely followed by common sense....
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    Not really a surprise. All the big saw manufacturers didn't buy the sawstop technology when offered to them because their lawyers said it would automatically define any saw they manufactured without the technology as unsafe. All of them knew this was coming but they figured spending money on defending themselves was cheaper.

    If this suit holds up on appeal then it will make a huge difference in future power cutting tool manufacturing.
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    Ok I won't make any friends with this but did the plaintiff even know that a device like sawstop was even available to him when he bought this saw?

    Yes he bought an entry level saw but if the manufacturers would have incorporated it in their saws by now could it have been made less expensive by this point in time?

    I myself have been keeping an eye on them to see if the cost is coming down and am very interested in buying from a manufacturer that is being innovative. I would even use a gaurd again if I could integrate one like ss uses with built in dust collection that actually looks to be efective.

    Should he be awarded money for possibly doing something he shouldn't have been on the saw. NO. Could he have been awarded the money because the manufacturers refused to license the technology there by limiting his choices? Very possible.

    All theses lawsuits will do is make lawyers rich and finally force these other manufactures to possibly develop something that might actually be better than what ss has to offer.

    That's my .02!

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    I was not at the trial, do not know the details.... but, on the surface this seems to be setting a disturbing precedent.

    It looks to me like if your company does not have any and all the latest possible safety options installed, you can expect to pay for everyone who hurts themselves? Why would companies even offer a lower cost option without the features?

    I cannot imagine how this verdict makes any sense given the little data available - except to eliminate table saw options from the market.

    ...of course, using logic may not be the best approach for these types of things.

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    I think it's a logical progression in a litiguous society. The technology is here now, and was made available (wasn't it?). If it was a NEW saw (post SawStop technology), it doesn't surprise me a bit. Not saying I agree with the verdict...

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