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Thread: I should have stayed home........

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    I should have stayed home........

    Went out to cut some firewood this morning. Just got my big chainsaw fixed after having a rouge dead elm do some funny things as I was felling it. It fell 90 degrees to it's lean and pinched the bar causing me to abandon ship and run. Broke the trigger assembly. Not bad considering the possibilities.

    This morning on my second cut on a felled elm I sawed into a rock hidden by the snow. Back home to the chainsaw sharpener. Back out for the second load and I started hearing vibration in the truck drive train. Made it half way home and the rear of the truck dropped to the pavement as I saw the wheel sans truck clear a road sign in the rear view mirror. Messed up the brake assembly big time. Figured out that I forgot to put a wrench on the lugnuts after pulling the wheels last week and trusting the impact wrench to get them tight. (won't make that mistake again) Especially when you use anti-seize on the studs.

    Just another fun day in the woods.

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    I know how you feel, I shoulda went to work.
    stuck home with a crappy nasty cold. the floor guy is here installing the floor, ofcourse theres problems, but the worse is that he discovered a leak somewhere, and the plumber just told me my hot water storage tank is shot.
    And its in a spot where to get it out is a nightmare, maybe impossible without cutting down a wall. Levitt had a great idea when he built these little homes providing an affordable place for all the returning GIs in the late 40s and 50s, but putting the hot water system behind the fridge was a bad move.
    I shoulda moved it years ago. I didnt. Now Im gonna pay bigtime.
    Maybe just abandon it, and put in a heat exchange unit or something like that. Im not familiar with any of this, but know it all costs bigtime.
    bad day. Im not going out for a ride in my truck.

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    Most of us have had these days.. sorry to hear you are having a really bad one.

    But on the bright side -- days like you are having make GOOD days even better..
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
    still sings!

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