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Thread: Kreg Jig - Rare Earth Magnet Mod - Brent Dowell

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    Kreg Jig - Rare Earth Magnet Mod - Brent Dowell

    [Orginally posted in this thread. - VM]

    Hmmm, Thought I would post this in the Tips section, but no rights to do a new thread there. Anyway...

    So, I was using my Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig a bit lately.
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    It had a neat little plastic thing that attached to the vice grip type clamp that made it quick and easy to put the tool on a board, drill the pockets, then move to the next. The problem is the plastic thingy broke, and it didn't stay on the clamp anymore.

    So I got to thinking. A rare earth magnet embedded in the pocket hole jig would be even better. Easier to attach and less prone to breaking.

    So that's what I did. I drilled a little 3/4" recess into the jig, scratched up the magnet a bit, and used some epoxy to glue the magnet to the jig. Quick, easy, and better than before!

    Jig with Broken plastic thingy...

    Magnet Glued into jig.

    Magnet holding jig to clamp!
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