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Thread: Help Request: Niki Avrahami - The Book

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    Help Request: Niki Avrahami - The Book

    At the request of Niki's widow Regina, I am working with her on a book project. We have begun gathering and cataloging all of Niki's tutorial posts from all the forums he posted to, and plan publish them in paperback book form as a tribute to his work. It is Regina's intent to create a permanent and tangible record of Niki's ingenuity, and make it available (most likely via Amazon so it can be distributed worldwide) at an affordable cost to as many people as possible.

    As you likely know, Niki participated in quite a few forums around the world. Although he often posted the same pictures and tutorials on different sites, the comments and questions that followed those posts differed from site to site. Gathering all of those posts is going to be a formidable task. (Due to copyright and content ownership issues, we don't plan to include all the posts from others, but we may decide to summarize specific questions and include Niki's answers in the book.)

    I am announcing this project here, since we could use some help gathering questions and comments from the various forums Niki posted to. We need a few people who would be willing to find all of Niki's posts at one specific forum per volunteer, then send me a list of URLs I can use to find the posts. Alternatively, the volunteer could copy all the the posts and pictures into a Word document, then send the document to me. (It'd be a bonus if you could also copy the pics and package/zip them separately.) We hope to get our hands on the high-res photos, but for now, the resized pics from the forum posts will have to do.

    Regina has provided me with a list of starting places, but there are surely others:

    So if you're read this far, and you're still willing and able to help, please let me know. I'm not looking for lots of people...just a handful of dedicated Samaritans, each of whom would be assigned a single forum to search. Ideally, they would be assigned to a forum they frequent a lot so they are familiar with searching that forum. Due to its sheer size, this is probably not going to be an easy job. It will help if you're already pretty comfortable with copying and pasting and have strong Google-fu. The pay for your work will be commiserate with mine...nuthin'. Well, nuthin', plus the knowledge that you're helping out a lady who really wants to do something to honor a man who selflessly helped thousands of other woodworkers.

    If you're interested, please send me a message at book [at] Of course, change the [at] to @ for the real address. Since we only need one person per forum (and I figure I've got Family Woodworking covered), we will hopefully have more volunteers than we need. Don't be insulted if I end up turning down your offer to help. Your willingness alone will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and if you have any bright ideas that might help us or the book, please don't hesitate to chime in.
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    I don't frequent any of those forums, and you got Family Woodworking covered, so I'm just going to say that this is a wonderful idea, and to put me down for a copy or two of the book when it comes out.

    Once again Vaughn, you show the way!
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    Fantastic idea. Super project to preserve his ingenuity.
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    I would be happy to find all the articles he posted at SMC.

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    Put me down for a book. E-mail sent with links to Niki's posts.
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    This is the only forum I read regularly and I have grabbed almost all of his stuff from here. But it sound as if you have FWW covered. If you need any of this stuff or get a forum that you can't get covered I would be glad to try and join one to pull the stuff if that becomes really needed.
    What a neat idea..

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    Well Vaughn, I didn't have the pleasure of previously reading any of Niki's threads. I did however go to some of the links you posted and I am very impressed by the guys knowledge. Thanks for posting this. I may be spending a lot of time "catching up" and would be interested in the book.

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    What a great project! Thanks for taking it on Vaughn.

    Niki also made several posts to the Canadain Woodworking forum and I volunteer to gather up the info there. I will send you email as requested.

    I have had a lot of experience with book layout, particularly with books that onclude pictures and diagrams, so if I can help in any other way please let me know.

    Niki was none of my heros.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Niki also used to post on It's been years since I went there, but Jerry Palmer (sometime member here) is quite active over there. So, I think, is Cody Colston. It's worth a try asking them...



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    Hey Vaughn,
    Maybe Larry and I can help by proof reading. You know, check for typos, grammer and spelling errors.
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