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Thread: Finally getting the hang ..except..

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    Finally getting the hang ..except..

    So long ago i found some Osage Orange at our local recycling dump. The other day wanting some instant gratification i decided to chuck up a piece and see if i could actually get a bowl going without a hole.

    Well it started out much bigger but due the the knots/endgrain gradually got smaller as i tried to get a sharp thin edge. Then i had some chip out and after some advice here i and swmbo saying you can post that, i decided an executive decision was in order so here goes.

    The results of my efforts. I love this wood it has so much character I wish i could capture the color you see when its raw.

    Again it got the wipe of poly treatment. I will get off it i promise.

    I just wanted these few bowls out of the way so i can get back to flat land.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	top view grain.jpg 
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Size:	131.6 KB 
ID:	43375Click image for larger version. 

Name:	my repair that did not quiet close up.jpg 
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Size:	114.7 KB 
ID:	43374Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chucks repair coffee grounds.jpg 
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ID:	43373Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bottom view grain.jpg 
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ID:	43372

    Just for the record I left the tenon on to prove i can do it but also this is actually the foot i wanted. I was hoping to make this bowl look like one of those bun feet from a sofa. So i wanted the tenon to lift it off the deck.

    Thank goodness for sandpaper. Thanks for that tip Vaughn.

    This has not been quiet finished but its reach that point where its either leave it alone or burn it.

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    Well done. Yes, OO can have some interesting and unique figuring. It can be challenging to turn. Hope you realize that eventually it will look like walnut. You picked up from a discard pile. If it wasn't there for a long time, like ten years or so, it will probably crack on you. OO takes a long time to dry. It also dulls tools. But that is worth it, I like turning OO.
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    Rob that's a sharp piece of wood. great job

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    Nice looking bowl you made there Rob!
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    Ya done good, Rob. Your bowl looks similar to some of my first few. As you learned, those knife edged rims do have a tendency to break away as you're trying to cut them.
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    Looks real nice...

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    PURTY wood rob, and it looks smoooth to
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    That is beautiful, Rob. OO can really be different.

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    Nice job, I'm glad you showed us, very pretty wood!
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