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Thread: Grandpa's and aunt's presents for the newborn twins...

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    Grandpa's and aunt's presents for the newborn twins...

    Well...the youngest son and DIL asked me to turn rattles for their newborn twins.

    The one on the left I turned a couple of weeks ago. The one on the right I turned this evening. My oldest son's wife crocheted the sandals and shoes for the newborns.

    Maple....frictioned BLO and frictioned dewaxed shellac.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very cool, Ken. Heirlooms, for sure.
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    So cool.

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    Wow Ken, those are really great, I sure hope you put your name or mark on them somewhere, dated as well.

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    Real nice Ken
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    well ken they look really nice and i see you gave the club to the girl to beat the brother and the barbell to the boy to make him strong enough to handle her beatings nice set of toys Ken
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    Actually Larry...they are both girls but I want them to grow up to be women who aren't to be taken lightly.

    The barbell shape I chose for the 2nd rattle over the original design to reduce the choke hazard possibility.

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    Look great Ken!
    Hope the finish you used is food safe for chewing on.

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    Les....dewaxed shellac... it's safe.

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    Very nice Ken, and congrats on the new arrivals too!
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