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Thread: New old tool gloat

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    New old tool gloat

    Well i got the bug. Managed to bag me this old Disston #7 26 inch saw Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new Disston no 7 26inch saw.jpg 
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ID:	43412on ebay for $10.50 US of course i will get killed on the shipping but i figure it wont be too bad.

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    Good news, Rob, is that is not a #7, but likely a D23, which was a little bit more expensive saw than the #7. If your identifying it as a number 7 was based on a number stamped into the blade, then it is likely that the saw started off with 7 tpi.

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    I think Jerry is right, it looks like a pre-1928 D23. I have the same era D23 and it is one of my most comfortable saws to grasp. They really made great handles back then. I have several saws after 1928 and they do not match up in handle comfort.

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    Thanks Bill and Jerry. I was up the other night till late trying to get a handle on what they claimed. Funny i finally came to the same conclusion that its is D23 but i will wait and see what arrives. I hope i aint been duped with something else here.

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