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Thread: Dresser in progress

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    Dresser in progress

    I don't post my pics here very much.

    I decided to post my recent project.

    It takes me FOREVER to bring something to a completion - so don't expect to see the finished thing all too soon.

    I have the week off and will be working on this about half the time.

    I used Solidworks to do the design - have'nt designed the two top drawers yet - but that just takes a few minutes.

    First pic is where I am at as of yesterday
    Second pic is a $1000 sample at a furniture where I got my inspiration
    Third pic is the Solid Model preview of what I am building.

    I am not a pro - I am just trying to make something for my first granddaughters bedroom.
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    from what we can see ,it looks like you have a double thickness on the side panels? is that how you got the rails anchored is threw the inside panel or ar they connected by some other method? looks like your off to a good start..what kind of wood are you gonna use?
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    Yes the sides are a double thickness. 1/4 oak veneer ply. There is a spacer sandwiched between the two thickness of ply. I will have 1/4 holes drilled in the side cabinet for adjustable shelves. The holes will be drilled into the spacers.

    I am done for today I glued up the front framing.
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    Looking real good so far.keep the pics coming and don't ever be shy posting pics of your projects. We all love pics.

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    Looking good Leo!

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    What do you mean by saying " I'm not a pro" Leo?
    Most of us aren't, and the quality of the many of the projects shown here including yours are of professional quality.

    It takes longer to you to finish one? so what? You are lucky not having a deadline date, so enjoy it, the more you enjoy it the better it will come out.

    I look forward to see the next batch of pics, keep them coming please!
    Best regards,

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    I'm the same way Leo. It takes me a long time to finish most projects. Beautiful project
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    I took the clamps off the framing this morning - and sanded in the little mismatching that was there.

    I am off to a breakfast this rainy morning with an old buddy. I'll be at it a bit later.

    I will post an update pic or two later tonight.

    Thanks, for the comments - that stuff is truly inspiring to me.


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    3-24-10 update

    Well - Sunday I got most of the carcase glued up. Still a little more to add to it.

    Today, I milled and glued up the top. I decided, that I don't need to follow "convention". It is more than 3/4 thick. I milled till I just cleaned up and got all the wood uniform thickness. It is pretty close to 7/8 thick.
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