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Thread: It's Spring and the bees are swarming

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    It's Spring and the bees are swarming

    have a small swarm of European bees which stopped at my place yesterday, in their search for a home. I called the local bee rescue but they want to be paid to come get them. When I was a kid, my dad used to pickup swarms just to get a new hive (for free).

    Trying to be a good host, I put out some old honey in the small saucer you see in the first picture. I wouldn't mind them settling at my place but I don't think I have any cavities that would interest them for a home.

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    Make ya a hive quick Mike Bees are getting hard to get so save them while ya can
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    Around here the snow is almost gone and a trail of ants have found their way across the Family room floor. Another sure sign of spring.

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