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Thread: spring is here!

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    spring is here!

    spring is here!
    Us in the spring is always a plant is shown. The snowdrop. Said on the TV to the nearby botanical garden, opened the snowdrop. We went to see it. It was like a flower carpet. It was beautiful. So come spring.

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    That is very pretty, Jozsef.

    Around here my allergies tell me something is blooming, but my eyes do not yet set what it is!
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    Very Cool Jozsef Spring is out here too. All the birds arrived back this past weekend and the Geese have all returned. No more snow on the ground and all the ponds are melting.

    Great time of year a new beginning.

    Do you guys get Daffodils in your park at all. Thats my favorite yellow ones. Way back i used to travel to Holland at this time of the year every two years. It would be great when i landed and saw the yellow dafs everywhere.

    Over here in Canada we start the maple syrup festivals soon. Pancakes with Maple syrup on them.

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    Yup, spring is here in Arizona too. Goona be in the 80's this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    Yup, spring is here in Arizona too. Goona be in the 80's this week.

    Yeah, but it's a dry heat.
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