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Thread: One thing leads to another . . .

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    One thing leads to another . . .

    I was browsing CL and found a local guy selling some storage cabinets. I called and ran over there. He said pull in and go to the red barn.

    I pull up and do as he says. It's dark and theres machinery all around but I can't see anything. I buy the 2 small storage drawer units and we talk some more. His barn is full of tons of machinery - mills, welders and such.

    Turns out he has a swing sawmill and does a lot of sawyering. He says he cuts local trees so he can get any native varieties. He gave me a card and I'll have to get back to him and see what he's got access to. The only drawback I could see is he's limited to 16" width as the max blade depth is 8". That's not really a limitation given what I build.

    Just need to keep your eyes open. This guy is 20 minutes from my house and minutes from Morristown NJ.



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    contact me jim if he comes across any cherry, Im very interested, in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4.....width is not that important.
    Just gimme a holla and Ill shoot over the river into the boonies.

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