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Thread: My Nephew the Golf Pro

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    My Nephew the Golf Pro

    Just got a call from my sis telling me her middle son just passed his PGA Class A Golf Professional proficiency exam today. He's already got his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, but has been taking additional courses in a program at New Mexico State for certification in Golf Management. (It's sorta the equivalent of a Master's Degree, but has a different designation.) He had finished the course work nearly a year ago, and has been working on his golf game since then, since passing the PGA test and becoming a certified pro was his final requirement. This was his fourth attempt at passing the exam. It has something to do with shooting 36 holes with a 5 handicap...I'm not a golfer so I don't quite know how it works. Anyway, he's now trained to run a golf course, which includes business management, horticulture, and golfing, of course. When he started the program, there was good money to be made in golf course management. Here's hoping that's still true. He's a good kid and will likely do well whatever he ends up doing.
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    Congrats to him!

    Great to see people going after a career that they love!
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    Sounds like a good area to get into. Golf is a great game.

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    well they turned a hay field into one of them green pastures to beat a white ball around just down the street from me and he nows is settin very well they get more than the 3 cuttings they used to get it startes as early as the weather permits and lasts just as long usually april to nov,, the whole family now works there and all are doing very well. congrats to him and i hope he does well vaughn
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    Golf is still big business... even here in east Tennessee within 25 miles of my house I know of no less than 3 maybe 4 golf courses... to golf is just a nice walk in the sunshine, constantly interrupted by a little white ball.

    A close friend in Houston, who lived on a golf course, said it's a love/hate relationship... you love to hate it, but you hate to love it.
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    Vaughn, my best friend from growing up went the NM St. for golf management as well. It's considered one of the best golf management schools there is. My friend got to work with some of the best golf instructors/professionals in the world partially based on the fact he went to the school. Congrats to your nephew!
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    Someone built a beautiful golf course outside of town here a few years back, even started selling lots and building amazing homes on part of it. Just heard it closed its doors. Chesapeake Run Golf course, North Judson, Indiana. Maybe there is a possibility there for him to keep an eye on. I know nothing about golf courses and only been on one legally twice in my life.

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    Pasture Pool Pro alright tell him congrats from all of us
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    Always love to hear an uplifting story of how someone can do what they love for a living!
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    That's awesome. So many kids go to school and still come out not knowing what they want to do (guess I did too). I hope he finds great success and enjoyment in it.

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