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Thread: General Hollow Chisel Mortiser!

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    General Hollow Chisel Mortiser!

    Well, I made up my mind on how to cut my mortises and decided to get a dedicated benchtop mortising machine. After looking at all of the options, I went with the general for a few reasons.

    1) Tilting head
    2) Fence
    3) Clamping mechanism
    4) Slow Speed
    5) Ratings

    I probably could have gotten a very fine machine for about 1/2 the price, but I figured why not get the general? I actually got it from a local tool store. Price was the same as online and tax was cheaper than having it shipped!

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    Looks great Brent. I'm sure it's a fine one. I looked at that one when I was looking. I've got the steel city mortiser and when I've used it it's done fine. I got a deal from a guy that upgraded to a floor model.

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    Good choice Brent. Congrats. I had decided that was the BT Mortiser to have before I switched gears and went with the Mortise Pal. The 17-050 always seems to get the nod in the reviews. The Lee Valley and Fuller chisels get good reviews too.
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    Way to go Brent! Now, let's see some fine A&C furniture come out of the shop with dozens of M&T's
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    way to go Brent. You'll need it when you get around to doing your chairs for your dinning room set. The Chairs I did for the commision took 80 total mortices and that was just 2 chairs.
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    Congrats Brent! I've never regreted getting mine. You may not use it often, when you need it it's great!
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    Congrats on the new toy. From what I've read, than one seems to be the top benchtop mortiser out there. You're gonna love being able to drill square holes.
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    Sweet tool Brent I used Larry's once and they sure are the right tool for the job. One of those are on my "some day" list

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    Congratulations Brent you gotta let us know how it performs. That looks like one sweet machine. Wish you well with it. Sure will make mortises easier.

    Can a few of you that have other machines chime in here for an idiot like me.

    I notice many guys have bought the good old harbor freight machine. I can see the better table etc setup but there is significant more dollars at stake here between General or others in its category and the unit Harbor Freight sells.

    So Don, I think you got a HF whats the big difference. I aint ever used or been up close to one of these when its working.

    Dont get me wrong from pure specs and looks of table and brand name i would buy the same one Brent has but i am thinking right now you got a guy like Glenn and he gets by with a mortise pal, i made my last set of mortises with a forstner bit and chisel, ok there is a lot more time and work involved in the latter two cleaning up. Help me out I am here to learn.

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    Congrats on the new tool! I've heard nice things about it.


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