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    This spaled elm vase recently won and "Honorable Mention" and a Purchase Award at the Beaumont Art League 2010 National Show.
    It is about 12 inches tall.
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    Now that's a gloat! Nice looking vase too!
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    great looking vase. keep the pics coming.

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    Congrats, Dennis. There must have been some good competition for that piece to have not won first place. Very nice work.
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    Very Nice. Congratulations.

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    Congrats Dennis.
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    Nice - nice - nice!!!

    1st. place in my book!

    you should be proud of the results !!
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    What a great way to find out that people like what you do.

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    Nice piece. IMHO the "Honorable Mention" is due to the lack of shine on the finish. although some of us prefer a matted and natural texture finish, there are more Opinionated folks looking for the high gloss and Glassy finish, we call it "Plastic Look" but there are a large number of folks who like the shine.

    I do like it and find the look of a globe and Tropical islands in the figuring (I do so miss Tropical Islands) It is a beautiful piece. Thanks for posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Congrats, Dennis. There must have been some good competition for that piece to have not won first place. Very nice work.
    This was a typical art show with seven 3D pieces and 50+ 2D works accepted. Three of the seven were my turnings, there was also one wood sculpture, one metal sculpture and a couple of ceramic pieces. Everything else was paintings, drawings, prints etc. This was the only 3D piece to get a ribbon so I am happy with the results.

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