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Thread: A tip for basementh shop owners

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    A tip for basementh shop owners

    First, I have to qualify this since you Yanks build basements funny. Here most basements are built into a hill and are often called daylight basements. So this may not work for you cave dwellers.

    I have been outside spraying some really nasty smelling poly on two kayaks. It's late and I am supposed to take these to the water tomorrow so I had to move them inside to spray one last coat.

    I have tried and tried but I can never seal all the holes and in our bathroom we will get some smells from the shop despite all the expanding foam. This stuff smells like the old model airplane glue and I knew I had to do something. I looked around the shop and had an idea.

    I set up a squirrel cage fan in the door and blocked off the open space with some plywood and set it up to pull air out of the shop. Closed all the doors and windows and NO SMELL! It is obviously creating a vacuum in the shop pulling air out of the house thought those leaks that were allowing the smells in. This has worked so well I am going to figure out a way to mount the fan to window and easily latch and remove it!
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    I usta have my shop in what you call a cave - my cellar.

    Now I have my shop in what some people call a garage.

    Still - I would love to set up a spray booth with a blower of sorts like you describe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo Voisine View Post
    .....Now I have my shop in what some people call a garage. I would love to set up a spray booth with a blower of sorts like you describe.
    Those squirrel cage blowers move a lot of air. Find an Air Conditioning mechanic and he will probably sell you some used ones real cheap.
    I know several people that spray lacquer in their garages that are attached to their house. If we forget the legalities for a moment, lets look at safety.
    Safety is something that can be controlled somewhat by careful thought and planning. If you are not making a cloud of any sorts what so ever, then more than likely you are very safe. Think about it this way......lacquer is no more flamable or explosive than gasoline. They have gasoline engines in closed compartments in boats. They have blowers to take care of that.
    Some things that are really important.....NO SOURCE OF IGNITION, that includes pilot lights from heaters or whatever in your garage. Another is lots of fresh air movement to prevent build-up of fumes. A few squirrel cage blowers should do the trick. ALWAYS turn on the blowers BEFORE you spray, while you are spraying and for several minutes after you spray. An HVLP gun will also help quite a bit by reducing the overspray.
    You can also purchase a gas detector from Graingers for around $250. This will detect explosive vapors and fumes and give you a quantitive reading in LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) percent. This will also detect explosive vapors and fumes from lacquer.

    I spray cabinet doors and drawers in customers garages (for remodelers) on a semi-regular basis. Normally all we do is open the doors for maximun ventillation.
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    I installed a $17 bath exhaust fan & vented it outside. It was in a partially dry walled off room in my unfinished basement that I used for my computer, paint area, etc. It kept the fumes from going upstairs. No spraying, just using poly and a brush.
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