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    Last year for Christmas we gave "made presents" which included about 25 pens, 60+ bowls, about 100 pendants, and many things from my wife's loom.

    This year I am making bracelets and other things for presents.

    This bracelet is from a very old and dead (long time dead) Red Bud.
    Drilled center hole to size, Band-sawn to a circle, soaked in thin super-glue to stabilize the wood.

    turned a wooden mandrel so the bracelet could be wedge on.
    Shaped the bracelet and finished it with sanding sealer, antique oil, and Rennaissance wax
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    I agree with Toni, that's beautiful.

    I cut up some Red Bud last summer into pen blanks. They are now spaghetti. Those suckers have twisted and turned in ways I didn't even know wood would turn.

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    Great work, Paul. The wood is gorgeous, too.
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    very PURTY wood, some lady is gonna like that one..
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    Don't tell her but I never (until photo) thought that my wife's arm was so old!

    Boy oh boy could I get in trouble!
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    Whats the inside diameter of that Bracelet ?
    Very nice BTW.
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    I'd wear it =)
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    Most recommend to use the average wrist --- of a 2 1/2 inch bit.

    But my wife talked me into a 2 5/8 (Forstner bit) ---- too large in my opinion...

    The bits are NOT cheap to get one that will last longer than one hole.

    But my wife who is small thinks it it the perfect size...
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
    still sings!

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    Lovely!...and the bracelet is lovely too!!

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