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Thread: Been Busy

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    Been Busy

    Haven't been on the board much here the last few weeks. Been really busy with life. I have managed to get some stuff done in the slow moments.

    Organizer for the BS fence and gauge.

    Drill press fence

    I know, I need a bigger drill press.

    Chisel rack

    Couple new style boards

    Think that is about it.

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    Very nice work Steve. I like the piggie chopping board. Would work well at a BBQ.

    Hey that drill stand table can you shoot a few more shots of it from the top and rear , that looks like just the trick i need to add.

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    Second Rob on those pictures. That looks like the cat's meow for my little drill press.

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    thanks for stopping back in to show us your latest stuff thats a clever drill press fence
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    Nice work Steve! I like that piggy cutting board a lot!
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    I forgot this. Resaw fence, Larry approved, I hope.

    Will take a couple more of the Press table here today.

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    Very well donr Steve. Looks like I might be borrowing some ideas from you. All I did on my bandsaw was drill 3/4" hole for my miter guage but I like what you did so that you can also store the fence.

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