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Thread: Any handgun shooters?

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    Any handgun shooters?

    I just got a new handgun after about 25 years now need to get some good ear protection.
    I've already lost about 45 % of my hearing in my good ear.
    I'd rather not loose more. are custom ear molds better than the headsets?

    Just looking for options.

    Will add pixs as soon as I get home.

    (I've been in Yonkers NY for 5 of the last 6 weeks and can't wait to get back home.)

    I attached a pic from the manufacturers website.
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    A Glock? You bought a watergun? Ok I guess you can tell I don't favor Glocks. Get the custom ear plugs, you will love them.

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    Custom plugs are probably the best.
    For earmuff types there are several excellent brands on the market. Just be sure to get a quality pair. The electronic types that incorporate both amplifiers and attenuation are getting very popular. For good ones, be prepared to drop some bucks, up to $300.00.
    I use disposable silicone ear plugs. On the range, I'll use both the plugs and muffs.
    I keep a pair of plugs in my pocket at all times. If I find myself in a noisy environment, in they go.
    For plugs, be sure to get silicone type. Those that just say "foam" are not satisfactory.
    Never think you can 'take it' when noise is involved. That is a common fault with many people. Just because pain isn't involved in hearing damage a lot of guys think they "can take it".
    Even if you already have some hearing loss, still use protection to save what you have left.
    Yep, I'm a crusader on the subject. In fact, my shooting club has a requirement that all participants wear hearing protection.
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    I went the inexpensive way and started using plugs and muffs too at the range and desert. No ringing in my ears after a day of shooting.

    Dan Gonzales
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    Depends on what I'm doing really.

    If I'm out alone shooting, probably just my electronic ear muffs. If I'm doing more than .22 -> .45acp, I'll put in some plugs and muffs..

    If I'm in a group, plugs and big muffs. Never can tell when the fella next to you will pull out his dirty harry hand cannon
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    I have a pair of earplugs that I bought 35 years ago when I was heavily into skeet and trap. There is some sort of sliding plug inside them that closes automatically with the rapport of the gun. Not sure if they still make them or not but they still work great.
    I never liked the earmuff type. Too uncomfortable for my liking.
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    Good info...picking up a new ruger this weekend, was curious myself.

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    Keep one thing in mind about custom ear plugs. They are only good for about two years. The shape of you ear canal changes as you get older. When I was in the safety business we offered custom fitted ear plugs that the technician would actualy mold the plugs to each ear, then he would do a test my inserting a tiny microphone in each ear plug through special hole in each plug and do a hearing test to verify that they were indeed working. He would then plug the holes with removable plugs. We would then go back every year and verify that the shap of the ear canal hadn't changed enough to hurt the performance of the ear plugs. They were about $75 as et and we would guarantee em for two years. These are the same ear plugs that NASCAR driver wear.
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    Plugs and muffs.

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    Generally I just wear muffs, plugs in the deer stand. My super blackhawk is magna ported and that puts some noise in your face! Ear protection required not suggested. Have gotten to where I wear ear muffs even shooting 22 rifles. Going to get a radio pair to wear on the tractor when mowing pastures. Ears and eyes, only get two per lifetime. Handgun shooter, uhhhhmmmmm, yeah, think I could find a couple handguns to shoot. Have a range in the back pasture, so anyone ever coming this way, bring your guns, we can shoot!!

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