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Thread: Might be losing my membership!

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    Might be losing my membership!

    Well it looks like I might be out of the unemployment club. Sent in a resume for a job on craig's list and had a response in less than 2 minutes. Met with one of the owners Saturday and met the other owner today. Asked if I would be willing to run their cabinet shop. I'm so excited right now it's unreal! They are going to call be back in the next couple of days to setup a time to talk about pay. Almost thought they were going to say I was over qualified when they saw my resume and pictures of my work. They said no that they do custom work but in more of a proguction setting and that there work doesn't require the level of detail in some of my projects but I was what they were looking for.

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    Good for you Alen, first Daren, then Dan, now you.
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    Wow! Craigslist is really good for something.
    Congratulations. That is good news, indeed.
    As long as you don't have to pay them in roses.
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    Very happy for you. So good for your skill to be put to use again. an aside....I'm retired in 37 more days... Best of luck and prosperity to you.

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    good fer you alan,, i thought you were closing down this forums membership glad it was better news than that maybe the karma is spreading.. we can only hope ..vaughn start checkin craigs list for something other than bowl blanks
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    More good news on the employment front. I'll cross the other fingers for you! Jim.
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    ya cant keep a good man down.

    Im thrilled for you buddy.

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    Hope its the one for you Alan The more out of that club the better

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    Good for you Alan. Well done. This is one club i hope ends up with no members at all very soon.

    Looks like the tides they are a turning.

    Hey yu had me worried there too when i saw the headline.

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    Good to hear.....

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