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Thread: Nova DVR or 1624-44

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    Nova DVR or 1624-44

    Anyone out there got one of these they'd like to sell, so that they can upgrade?

    Nova DVR


    Please let me know. I have a friend that wants to up-grade from a Jet 1014.


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    I've had the 1644 of almost 2 years and it will do all I want it to do. My friend just purchased the DVR and if your friend can afford it, the DVR would be the best choice of the two. I do not mind changing belts, but is I could afford it it would be nice to not have to. I also think the DVR runs a little smoother. But than if you can afford the DVR, there are many other options in that price range that are just as good or maybe better. I guess the advantage to the DVR is the small foot print if you have limited space. Both are very good lathes IMHO, but the are lots of other very good lathes.

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