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Thread: Bought some lumber

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    Bought some lumber

    Seen an ad in the paper. Local stair builder is cleaning shop. (Heard fire Marshall gave him the go ahead) $15 for 2 ft high pallet. I got 2 trips. Pallets were just a little bit narrow, but oh well. Longest piece of this stuff is 42". Should make something.

    Lots of Cherry, Red Oak, Maple and Poplar. Some Alder, Box Elder, White Oak and some to remain unknown.

    Went to a buddy's house and got 100 bd ft of 4/4 cherry from him. At $1 ft I couldn't pass it up.

    Ended up with 112 bd ft for $100.

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    he scores!!!!
    benedictione omnes bene

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    great gloat.. You thief.
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    are you going to use this for firewood NOT

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    What time do you go to sleep?

    I know how to sneak and my truck is not loud!
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    A double haul and gloats.

    Haul and Gloats...didn't they record some hit songs a couple decades ago?
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    SHOW OFF --

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    Nice haul on the wood!
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    Hey Steve, if you have too much, I'll take the 8/4 off your hands (you'll get a gift or two, in return, though the loyl will probably steal it from you.)

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    That is a nice haul! And can't beat $1 bdft for cherry.

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