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Thread: Friday again so whacha got planned for the weekend

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    Friday again so whacha got planned for the weekend

    I'll be doing the usual stuff. Shop on Sat, church in morn on suday, shop with the race on. The race this week is from the paper clip, Martinsville. 43 cars on a 1/2 mile track, otta be lots happening.
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    finishing the varnishing of one table, and starting the cutting on the next one...
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    With any luck, I'll be making a clothe cover for my bad foot's boot and standing at the lathe tomorrow morning.....curlies will be flying!!
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    Couldn't talk the wife into a road trip to the woodworking show so probably yard work Saturday. Sunday going to one of my daughters house for Sunday dinner
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    I will be finishing up the down sizing this weekend , closing up one of the bays. The Spray booth is built and everything is in order. Tomorrow the wife and I will go and watch the judging of the Md Duck Stamp contest and see how my Swans will do. Then Sunday back in the shop. I found out one thing, I do not have a problem of junk collecting any more. I got the get rid of it syndrome.
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    Time to rototill the garden, then maybe a trip to Tractor Supply to check out their fence panels to keep critters out and/or grow pole beans on. Also need to crank out a turkey call for a friend. I'll try this one in maple burl and see how it comes out.

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    Prepping for the next 3 weekends

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    Working on putting away the new lumber stock. Probably going to all weekend.

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    Got a wedding to attend tomorrow, cleaning up the truck before that. May be helping my daughter move again , and dinner with the kids on Sunday.

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    Heading to my home town to watch a high school track meet. They started up their meet again after not having one for years and named it after my high school track coach. I didn't get to go last year, and can't get away for the banquet tonight. I'll pick my Mom up on the way so she can visit with a friend while I'm at the track meet. I'll leave by 6:00 am (ouch) and hopefully be back about 6:00 pm. (about 6 hours worth of driving total) Won't stay for the whole meet. Hope to visit with some old team mates and my coach. Haven't seen him in about 15 years or so.
    Sunday I need to rebuild and mount the overhead guard/pickup on the new saw. Will get some supplies on my way home tomorrow. But the weekend starts off with the Baylor basketball game this evening on TV. I'll miss the Lady Bears Sweet 16 game tomorrow while I'm gone. 'SIC 'EM BEARS!!!
    Have a safe weekend everyone! Jim.
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