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Thread: I just got back from Houston.........

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    I just got back from Houston.........

    I just got back from spending a week in Houston getting acquainted with my 3 week old twin granddaughters. I must say my feelings were a little hurt as they weren't too impressed by their Grandpa. I'll admit I was impressed by them.

    I gave them nicknames ......little Aaryn, I'll call "Little Bit" and little Haiden has been dubbed "Half-pint".

    They had recovered nicely from a round of jaundice and losing weight. Little Haiden had gained 6 oz in 1 week and Aaryn had gained 3.5 oz.

    The stories of my diaper changing their Dad when he was a baby are outrageous and true. Every Sunday when his Mom took our two older children and went to church, I'd get his diaper changed but on occasion, my weak stomach resulted in my upchucking everything I'd eaten in the last 24 hours. Sometimes my wife had a huge mess to clean up. So of course my youngest son...the twins' Dad...."A Good Grandpa would change their diapers" and so I did......and the next day "While you are a Good Grandpa..a Great Grandpa would change them again." So I did.....I also informed him at that point I had read Tom Sawyer several times before he was even a gleam in my eyes.

    So a few photos sent to me by my youngest son and taken while I was there in Houston.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So small and very cute!! You have a real reason to very proud!

    Wonderful Photos thanks for sharing!
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    youre a lucky man.

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    Thanks guys! I truly am a lucky man!

    The LOML is still there and won't return for another 3 weeks. She says she's there to help the DIL while she recovers from the C-section delivery. I personally think she is there just to be a Grandmother to the twins....

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    Boy Ken, the smile on your face in the 3rd picture tells the whole story
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    Congrats, Ken (and the rest of the family). Little bitty things, huh? Won't be long before they're big enough to cause all sorts of mischief.
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    Great pictures Ken. The smile on the proud Grandpa says it all. Congrats !!
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    Congrats Ken,
    Beautiful babies... you are a lucky Grandpa.

    Remember well the diaper changes when my son was little...I always got the night change and night feeding because I could get up, change him, feed him, burp him (clean the wall where he did his projectile vomit(until I changed his formula, he couldn't handle the Similac the doctor put him on... powdered milk, Karo syrup and a little rice cereal stopped all that)) and be back in bed without knowing I had been up (or most nights I would just be getting home from work when he was ready for the 2 am feeding)... the wife would have been awake the rest of the night...

    Anyway, I'm envious... I've been informed by my son and his wife that they don't want children...
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