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Thread: Do you have one of these?

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    Do you have one of these?

    I apologize for the intrusion here, however i cannot believe there is no member within our family that has purchased a Milwaukee 12 drill. I posted in the hot deals section and i am thinking maybe more people would be alert to my plight if i posted in the general ww section with a link to my post for further info.

    The post below is more about help for me than just the real good deal imho.

    Sorry for the intrusion. Thanks to anyone who can shed light on what the MILWAUKEE drill is really like.

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    Thumbs up I've got one

    I've got the drill / driver. Got it last fall, when Home Depot was having a special when you turned in an old drill. I haven't used it a lot so far (its been skiing season most of the time). The little I've used it, I'm quite happy with it. It is replacing some 9.6V drill drivers, and it has a lot more power than they have (still have one as my 2nd battery drill). The battery seems to have good life, and the battery health meter on the drill is handy. Recharges are fast.

    The drill has good torque, at least for drilling holes and driving screws (so far only #8 screws). The 2 speeds gives it fast drilling and running in of easy screws. I like the low speed for avoiding over driving screws. The clutch works fine.

    Last fall or late summer one of the woodworking mags did a review of 12V drill/drivers and gave the Milwaukee top prize. That was a good enough recommendation for me.


    ps - Sorry, I had completely missed your earlier post.

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    sorry rob, asleap at the wheel
    gotta link?
    my cordless drills are 14.4v and are 7+ yrs old.....i haven`t used the newer ones yet `cause mine ain't broke.
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    I have the Bosch setup - drill, driver and angle driver. They're the most used tools in my shop now, and I really like them. Battery life is okay, but not great, but OTOH, the batteries charge in fifteen minutes, so with three tools and six batteries, I'm never without a charged battery.

    The torque (for driving) is actually quite good. Any of the tools will sink a #8 X 2" screw into oak and bury the head - more torque than usually needed.

    I bought one of my Bosch's through CPO/Bosch, and got a bad battery. They replaced it immediately, and without fuss, so that's good.
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