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Thread: Black Poisonwood

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    Black Poisonwood

    This is the first time to use this kind of wood. It is Chechen from Mexico and South America. It is also known as Black Poisonwood, due to the nature of the sap, which will burn your skin. I got it as a 2"x4" in a large purchase of wood from an individual going out of business. It was a dull brownish-orange color on the outside, but an awesome reddish color on the inside of the board. I have no idea if it is going to change colors from what is it now. It was very easy to turn and finished very nicely. It only has two coats of Antique Oil on it at this point and it was already so reflective, that it was hard to photograph.

    60 pieces of Chechen and 1 piece of curly maple floating between rings for the bottom. 6" wide and 3.25" tall.

    Critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks!
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    Thats amazing. The wood and craftsmanship is fantastic.
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    to me that looks like a purple cast to it ,,really purty Robert.. and you guys like to make little pieces into a nice sized bowl
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    Great work, Robert. Excellent-looking joints, sweet form, the wood's fantastic, and the fact that you got a high gloss after just two coats of Antique Oil is a testament to the quality of the sanding job. Very well done all around.
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    Great looking piece Robert. Very nice form and the wood is just beautiful. Very well done.

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    Amazing wood. Really nice form and finish.
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    That's an amazing piece.. I have a piece of what is supposed to be chechen that has a greenish tint rather than that great read color yours has...
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    Just jaw dropping amazingly beautiful piece of work...
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    Very beautiful wood and excellent craftsmanship.

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    Beau tis u miss..

    like the results and like to see the photos of the finished product.

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