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Thread: Shark Bite saves the day!

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    Shark Bite saves the day!

    What a day I had!

    Around noon I decided that I'd had enough of the dripping faucets in the bathroom. We have a double sink and one of the faucets just kept on dripping. The tub is the same way even though I've tried to rebuild it and it just won't quit dripping. They're all Delta faucets but after having a heck of a time just trying to get the handle off of the sink faucet to see which type of cartridge rebuild kit to get I decided to just go and buy two new faucets and a tub/shower valve kit. Upon looking below the sink and having to use pliers to shut the water off I decided to replace all of the shut off valves with new quarter turn models too. Of course, all new supply lines too.

    I got home after picking up all of the material and went to work. Well to make a long story short it was a heck of a job. THREE trips to the store to get the right stuff and return a valve that was missing all of the compression nuts. I bought four braided stainless flexible supply lines and was in a hurry and didn't realize that they were TOILET supply lines and not sink supply lines.

    I got the two new faucets mounted and went to reinstall the new shut off valves. I reworked some of the old plumbing because I didn't like the way the previous person did it. Well I had one joint that would just NOT quit leaking no matter what I did. It was a sweat fitting and after shutting the water off THREE times, draining the lines, cleaning it all again only to still have a pinhole leak in the joint. I was about ready to go through the ceiling. I decided to give the Shark Bite connectors a try for this one joint. Let me tell you, they're a bit expensive but they are SWEET! It took about three minutes to reassemble the joint and get things back in operation once I had the Shark Bite fitting.

    I didn't finish the job until about 11:00 p.m. so I think I may wait a day or so until I tackle the new shower valve. :lol:

    I hope you're having a better weekend than I've been having.

    Take care

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    I hate plumbing...
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    I hate plumbing...


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    they call me a "union plumber" because I use so many unions...
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    I kind of enjoy plumbing. But I'm pretty much the same way John, It takes me 3-4 trips to the store to get new parts or to replace stuff I've screwed up
    I saw those fittings on this old house recently. I think that they would save me a ton of curse words
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    havnt used them john yet but have heard good things about nephew is a apprentice plumber and he told me they were definatly a good product and that they had used them quit a bit in commercial applications.
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    If you have an hour.....I'll tell you how much I hate plumbing!

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    I have a 15 year old double wide set on permanent foundation... everything is great except the plumbing... in 4 1/2 years living here, I think I've spent 6 months under the house fixing pipes... I'm slowly but surely replacing all of the joints under the house with the Shark bite fittings... at the price of them, before long the plumbing will be worth more than the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    I hate plumbing...
    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    I hate plumbing...

    I hate plumbing ...
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    I tried them in our camper for joining PEX when I installed a water filter and I couldn't get in with my crimping tool Definitely in the "would use them again" category. As we remodel, any plumbing changes I do I cut out all the copper I need to change, sweat on a copper-PEX transition, and do PEX from there. I even replumbed our shower valve without opening a wall when it started leaking right after we remodeled that bath--and that was the only thing I didn't touch in that room.

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