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Thread: I've been adopted!

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    I've been adopted!

    Some two legged skunk apparently dumped off a beautiful Australian Shepherd female this past week end. She has decided I will provide her a new home. She looks well cared for. I don't have the heart to take her to the pound.

    So, anybody got one of these intelligent beautiful dogs? She appears to be mature but not necessarily old. She is a little pudgy. I need to go get dog food today, as she hasn't left my front porch to go "home." What would be a good choice? She will have to be an outdoor dog, as my cat's tail expands to 4" diameter every time she looks out the window and sees the dog.

    I won't confine the dog, in case someone is looking for her and I will post notices as to her being found. My neighbor says her breed are one person dogs, and she clearly has set her eye on me. She tags along quietly everywhere I go. She sits perfectly whenever I stop. She gave a polite bark in the middle of the night. I checked but saw nothing. Told her it was alright and she settled right down, no qualms. Think she is a city dog and clearly wants to come into the house. That can't happen.

    So what am I getting myself in for?

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    Assie's are great dogs, my wifes mother had one when we got married. We have a queensland healer who is a cousin of the Assy and feed her Purina One, she thrives on it. Congrats on being adopted.
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    they are good house dogs as well carol and the cat might get to realize that after while.. i got a cat and dog the get along like they brother and sister..and they are excellent watch dogs once they know what isnt right..i think the dog knows where it wants to be
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    my german shepard and 2 cats hated each other for the longest time, now they all sleep on the same bed.
    then again, my dog is way too old to even care about cats anymore
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    Not likely the Aussie would hurt the cat, but it might herd it!! If the cat has a known escape path up high, shouldn't be an issue. They are smart dogs. Can be high energy, but it doesn't sound like this one is. Most papers will do a free found ad for animals for 2 or 3 days. If you have time, you could call some of the Vets and leave the information. I'm guessing no collar of tags.
    Other than that, it's really neat to be loved unconditionally. It's quite different than most cats. Jim.
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    Its a 10+ year commitment...

    I have a free dog. He's 11 this year.
    Vet bill yesterday was 300.00..

    We love him to pieces and both would have swore we wouldn't ever spend that kind of money on a dog. Now we wouldn't think of not doing it. He had a root exposed on a tooth and couldn't hardly eat. Seems much more himself today and is laying 2 feet behind me as I type.

    Difference between a dog and a cat.

    The dog will think your God..
    The cat thinks they are God...

    No disrespect meant to my Lord here its just that that old saying pretty well sums up the difference.

    Cats can be left at home for a few days with food and water and a litter box. The dog has to go with you or to some one that will take care of them.

    Also dogs are basically pack animals and you are their pack, they don't really do well when separated from the pack. Nothing sadder than a dog on a chain day and night.

    It sounds to me as if God may well have provided you with something more to love....

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    Sounds like you have been blessed in a very special way Carol. The affection of a good dog is very special. At worst the dog and cat will learn to tolerate each other. At best, they will become good friends. I'm hoping for the friends scenario. I wish you the best as both master and servant (and if you know dogs and cats you know what that means).

    Seriously, take the dog to a vet. Have it checked for a microchip in its ear. If there is not a chip, just get it checked out. Ask about heart worm meds and shots. You will most likely want it to have a good flea and tick product like Frontline Plus.
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    In my experience dogs and cats work things out just fine all on their own and people worry too much about their being problems.
    Heck, in this house we have more problems with our cat and one of the ones we are fostering than we do with any of the dogs with the cats.
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    No pic, no dog

    Congrats, dogs are great pets. So are cats, rabbits, donkeys, cows. Wow, I have way to many pets.

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    don't forget dragons... they are good pets too
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