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Thread: Plane with a History

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    Plane with a History

    This showed up today. I was asking my wife's aunts about old tools from their Grandfather. Heard they had a stash. Here it is in all it's glory. Stanley Bailey #5.

    It was my Father-in-laws, Grandfathers. FIL is 71 yrs old, so it has a little age on it. I can't believe it does have a broken tote. Little love and it should be usable. Anyone have a tutorials on resto of these things?

    Rumor has it, theres more lurking around the farm.

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    A little TLC and you should have a great user.
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    evaporust for starters harbor frieght sells it steve..
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    Yep, Evapo-Rust, then some steel wool or Scotchbrite, then lap the sole a bit maybe, and you'll be pretty well in business.

    BTW, your plane was made sometime after 1933, as evidenced by the kidney shaped hole in the lever cap.
    Jim D.
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    Thanks for the Evapo-Rust tip. I meant to say I can't it doesn't have a broken tote.

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