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Thread: FS: (Oxymoron) I have too many clamps - **SOLD**

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    FS: (Oxymoron) I have too many clamps - **SOLD**

    Yes it is possible to have too many clamps. I just ordered 4 more Gross Stabils (up to 12 now) from Woodcrafts closeout and they wont fit on my clamp rack without getting rid of something.
    So I'm selling these Jorgensen style bar clamps. I have 2 24" and 2 36". The 24" look to be made by Jorgensen, but just badged as Craftsmans. The 36" are imported Jorgensen clones but look just as good as the 24". All are in good working condition but there is a patina on the bars from light oxidation over the years.

    These are type 3700's but are grey instead of Jorgy orange.

    Will sell for $25 for all plus whatever the shipping costs. I'll use whichever is cheaper - UPS or USPS parcel post.

    PM me if interested
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