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Thread: A real shocker

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    A real shocker

    By now, most of you know how frivolous I am when it comes to spending money.
    Enneyhow, I need a couple short extension cords to make things easier around the shop. Determined two 3 footers would do the job. I like to run my tools with #12 wire.
    Went to my local hardware store that always treats me right and (usually) has very reasonable prices. Told the guy to cut me 6' of a #12 wire. While he did that I picked out the cheapest heavy duty ends they had.
    Went to check-out and got my shock.
    Almost $28.00 for the lot. When I commented (politely, it's not their fault), I was told the rising cost of copper has driven all wire up out of sight.
    Methinks when I stop at garage sales from now on, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for heavy duty extension cords.
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    Just bought four 500 ft rolls of 12 gauge solid wire for $45.00 a roll. Lou Ann checked their cost at work and the same roll that day changed to $48.00 their cost, so we went straight to Lowe's and bought four of the last five rolls. Be interesting to see what the new price is. My electrician told me to get them as it was going way up. People are back to stealing wire off of irrigation systems around here. They might get a thousand dollars worth of wire, but costs the farmer around three thousand to rewire the systems.

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