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Thread: Walnut Basket

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    Walnut Basket

    A while back I went to a pottery workshop with my wife on how to add reed & cane handles on pottery. I took a wooden bowl I had turned and sealed. It came out OK. I have had the idea to try again for a while and this is the result of my first attempt on my own. Nothing special, mostly just an experiment to see if I remembered enough to get it to work. There are several things I can do differently next time. I think this has tremendous potential. Black Walnut about 12” long x 8” wide with natural edge and finished with Bush Oil and buffed a little. Let me know what you think.
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    Don Orr

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    Looks good from here. So tell me how you turn the handle..
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    I like it. Very creative and I agree that it has good potential.

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    Very cool, Don. I'll be looking forward to seeing the directions you take the idea.
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    That is very interesting! Way to think out of the box.

    I wonder how a deeper bowl would look with a Shaker style handle?

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    Very cool and interesting Don.
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