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Thread: A New Item at Lowes

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    A New Item at Lowes

    They haven't started carrying these at my local Lowes, but maybe you can get them in your area:
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    now I know how the name "Lowe's came into use"owleeeeeee
    the lowe's that I buy from is next door to Bigg's and they got small birds flying around inside the 2 stores

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    My Lowe's had them on sale awhile back. I got two and haven't had a rodent (or cat) problem since ;-)
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    I saw a news article on Yahoo awhile back about a Lowe's that had barn swallows nesting in the store... they had learned to open the doors by flying in front of the sensors, then fly inside to make their nests and protect their young...
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