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Thread: Sharpenig a bedan

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    Sharpenig a bedan

    How would you sharpen a Bedan tool on a grinder? The bevel only and the two sides, or just the bevel.

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    You only sharpen the bevel side, so the bevel goes against the grinder. It is not the easiest tool to sharpen, but, thankfully, you don't have to sharpen it often, as once it is off the grinder, you use a hone, I like the #600 diamond hone I have for doing this. Then all that is needed is honing from time to time and unless you drop it or something it does not need to see the grinder again for a LONG time.

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    If you have the money for a TorMac they have a jig and a honning wheel. It is nice.
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    Stu hit the nail on the head. It doesn't have to be sharpened often and just the bevel side. I also use a 600 grit diamond hone in between.
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    Is the 600 grit diamond hone what most places call "coarse"?
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