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Thread: long distance family reunion

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    long distance family reunion

    My son and our DIL and grands are taking a sabbatical to Australia. Son will work in a hospital there for his contract period. When that is over they all will travel Australia and, pretty much, take a world wide tour. One of their stops will be Tokyo. On the way they will have only a four hour lay-over. But returning, a year later, they plan on spending four days there. I have a first cousin who moved there many years ago, got a good job, married and stayed. He is excited to have the first contact with back home family in all these years. I am excited for all my family members to be able to do this and meet each other. It will be an adventure and I have some apprehensions but, if I were younger and had the means, I would do it.
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    What a wonderful opportunity for your son and his family. To be young again! But you can experience some of the excitement through him..
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    Wow, what a fantastic opportunity for them.
    I would love to see Australia.
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    Its a real great place and by world standards very safe. Pretty small population for a huge place like it is. Lots of interesting places to check out and great shelas and beaches mates.

    Their beer sucks though just as their rugby and cricket. Spoken by a ex South African.

    Distance is the big thing. To get around in reasonable time one has to fly across the continent.

    Its a huge immigrant population, have quiet a few ex SA friends there. Very similar climate and lifestyle to SA.

    Most of the population is on the east coast from way south all the way north. But the interesting stuff is in the interior.

    Sure your family will be safe there Frank and they will get great reception from the Aussies they very hospitable friendly and lots of fun people.

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    Sounds like an awesome trip Frank I am envious. One place I have always wanted to visit.
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    Rob, and others, thanks for the encouragement.
    As for the "safe" part in Australia.....I don't worry about the people. As for beer, Evan prefers wine. The dangers I am concerned with are: rip tide while swimming in the bay; great white sharks around the reef; two kinds of very venomous jellyfish; very venomous funnel spiders; many venomous snakes like Black Mambas and others; salt water crocodiles and, above all.....not ducking when the boomerang comes flying back at you.
    "Folks is funny critters."

    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. ~Voltaire

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