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Thread: School, a new chapter

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    School, a new chapter

    Well yesterday I went to the local Tech school. Did the beginning paperwork for starting classes this summer. Tomorrow I go for some sort of test, to see if I need refreshed in math, english and writing. Been taking the online pretest. It would appear math has changed a bunch since the early 80's. Haven't gotten to the other stuff yet.

    Here is the pretest in case you want to play along

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    as long as 1 +1 still equals 3, I could deal with the math.

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    Just looked at the math one

    I went to college for mechanical engineering and it lasted until I realized you needed to know math to be one
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    as long as 1 +1 still equals 3, I could deal with the math.
    I was pretty good at math when in school... but when the kids brought home Texas algebra books in the late 90s, I couldn't follow how they were teaching them to get where they needed to go. I could get the answer, but not the way they did. Very frustrating.

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    All loans are now under the obama administration as government loans. So you may want to check them out. I can do 2+2 be 4 math was never my strong point.
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