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    Exhaust Fan

    I am designing my new 1 man shop (strickly for fun - no commercial). Hopefully I will be in finishing the interior late this year. I will have a small finishing room (15' X 15') and am planning an exhaust fan on the exterior wall. Do any of you have an exhaust fan in your shops? Any advice on brands, size, internal or external trim ideas? I live in NE Oklahoma and plan to heat but not (at least initially) cool the shop. The main shop will be 40' X 60'.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Tommy, we have a 12x20" finishing room with a 300cfm exhaust fan. We spray lacquer and find that the fan isn't powerful enough to pull all of the fumes to the outside. We are going to relocate the fan and put in something larger.

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    Tommy, first welcome!

    Second, make sure the fan is rated to pass explosive vapors, and make sure there is enough input into the finishing room for the fan to exhaust correctly.

    If the fan can empty your room 10 times an hours, then there must be enough flow to let the air into the room.

    I've seen people build a filter on the door of the finishing room, size it to hold say two of them large furnace filters, this way you get your flow, and the air coming into the finishing room is cleaned by the filters.

    Good luck, and remember, pics are nice!

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    Thanks to both of you. 10 exchanges per hour in my case would be less than 400 cfm. Most of the guides I have seen would suggest 350 to 500 cfm so this is the right range. I am thinking about 1000 cfm just to be sure. Thanks for the tip about filters. I had planned to do that and to build an insulated cover on the inside to minimize the heat loss when the unit is not in use.

    Any thoughts about brands or sources?

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    This is just a place to start:
    If you think you will only spray water based coatings you won't need an explosion proof model.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Got mine from Grainer a couple of years ago.
    18" enclosed motor fan, with shutters. Variable speed switch was optional.
    Was around $180.00 if I remember right.

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    Got mine from Tractor supply. 18" just like steve's. Just make sure the motor is totally enclosed.


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