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Thread: Wood siding finish

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    Wood siding finish

    A buddy is putting a faux log siding on his cabin and intends to finish it natural color or some light stain. I'd heard that Thompson's water seal is not really good for this, and my own experience with my deck bears this out.

    So, the question: What's a good finish for this type of siding? Brands, please.

    BTW, this has to withstand the rigors of northern MN woods weather. That means cold. Cold like most people don't ever experience. (Except of course those of us from North Dakota )


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    Thompson water sealer is good but most users do not know how to use the product. 3 coats is the norm 24 hrs between coats and a 3 week wait before putting on any kind of top coat.
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    Check out the Sikkens products. Cetol is good, too.
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