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Thread: Yates-American G-89 (puni-industrial) get Biesmeyer fence system

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    Yates-American G-89 (puni-industrial) get Biesmeyer fence system

    I was reading on OWWM recentley and saw one of the members referred to the Yates-American G-89 as the "Baby" of the commercial class saws of yesteryear...

    So, it seems only fitting that my G-89 got a makeover with a Biesmeyer fence system, in no less than puni-grey, the official Delta puni color. I believe I am officially a part of the puni family now Jeff, and I might add that the colors go well with my table saw, I'm not unhappy with them at all. This is a nice fence.

    So, I wasn't as lucky as Michael, although he had to change a couple things, after I pulled the stock fence and rail from the saw, I got it setup, and uh-oh, the miter slots are too wide by a tad, so off to the grinder I go. I got that fixed, and got it fitting, and naturally no holes lined up...

    Looking at my table, I saw I could comfortably put in 3 holes, between the webbing, and I think that should hold it well enough. So, I got my trusty 3/16" bit out, drilled the 3 holes, and then tap'd them to 1/4" - 20, so the fence screws would go right into the cast iron table. Then I put a bolt, lock washer, and washer on the backside of the bolt, securing it to the backside of the front wall of the table, if that makes sense.

    I didn't use the rear rail, but might add it on as I'm thinking about adding a small router table possibly in the right side, where I have about 6" aprox of rail extended past the end of the table.

    (linky pic)

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    Looking Good Alan. Now is that an IMPROVEMENT or what? I think you are Really going to enjoy that fence. How long did the "Fence" (not the rails) turn out to be, and did it just have the little pad (like mine) under the fence to ride on the table, (no foot)?

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    Mine had the little pad on the bottom of the fence, I'm not sure if it has that glider foot for the rail, but I didn't notice...there was a lot of nuts and bolts that I don't need, as well as the rear rail, extension legs and pads for the legs as well. If I did add a small extention, I would only use the portion of the rail and tube end (about 6" and 6" aprox, so there would be about a 12" exention, if that would make sense. I don't really need/want it though, I don't think. I wouldn't mind having a router table, but it's have some hand planes I can do some simple mouldings with. Now a shaper would be a better investment, IMO.

    The tube is about 62", so it's not small. I was hoping it was 42", as my table is 44" wide, and that would have been perfect, IMO. But it's ok like it is. It's sturdy, but so is my saw, and if there's was a challenge between the saw and the fenct, I think the saw would win.

    Slowly I'm getting things cleaned up in the garage, and hoping to get some time to work on my workbench for my hand tool area, which is in the backyard.

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    Hi Alan,
    Nice saw and fence - that looks like a great combination. It also looks like you could move the Bies rail to the right and add an extension table except someone parked a car in the middle of your woodshop.
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    Nice fence. Distracts from all the 'stuff' around the saw.
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    I think that stuff compliments it!

    Look, it's got an extra 5HP motor sitting on the mobile base, there's a stealth gloat for me.

    Not to mention the extra car parts, there's some oil filters and such also... It's been raining so I didn't pull the car out of the "shop" this weekend.

    You notice it has sawdust on it though.

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