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Thread: Are you thinking of making your own kitchen cabinets???

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    Are you thinking of making your own kitchen cabinets???

    Hi All
    I came across a great site which may or may not be of use to you if you thinking of remodelling your kitchen and doing it yourself and want to make your own kitchen cabinets but without all the cutting and waste.

    If you do want to cut etc then their catalog is a huge plus it has all the combinations and sizes already made up so its easy to mix and match.

    Saw them in Fine Woodworking advert

    Here is the link

    You have to sign up to be able to download the catalog but believe me its worth it with what it contains. I would not think of doing a kitchen without looking at these parts. By the way they did not seem that pricy when one considers waste cutting time and the price a hobbiest gets to by board at.

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    If you are thinking of building your own kitchen cabinets...

    Buy Robert Lang's The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker: Shop Drawings and Professional Methods for Designing and Constructing Every Kind of Kitchen and Built-In Cabinet.

    I have about four books on kitchen cabinets including Tolpin and Cary, both good books, but Lang's stands a bit taller.

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    It says here: they will only sell to "qualified Industry Professionals". Wonder how strict they are with that?
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    Rob and Bill

    I put this up more for the purposes of drawing attention to their catalog with all its sizes etc in it. Bill i aint in kitchen mode just posting some info for guys that might be. With the economy the way it is i am sure they would sell to anyone right now Rob

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    Hey Rob, good info ther emight be a little late for Tom Niemi since he told me he's almost done... but I think Jonathan could probubly find the info useful for his build out for Lou Ann..
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