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Thread: A Marking Knife for Bill

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    A Marking Knife for Bill

    I wanted to have a few gifts to give the Tour de Wood guys when they came to SoCal, and although I had plans already for Larry and Tom, I was a bit stumped about what to make for Bill and Toni. Since I knew Bill did a fair amount of Neander woodworking, I decided to try making him a marking knife. I made the blade from an unused knife I had in the kitchen, and the scales were made from some olive wood Toni found and sent to me a couple years ago. (More on Toni's olive wood in this post here.) Aside from photos, I've never seen a marking knife, so I was only guessing about sizes and shapes. Time (and hopefully Bill) will tell if I came close.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bill's Marking Knife - 01 800.jpg 
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    The handle has indentations to help give it a spot to grip...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used mosaic pins from Texas Knifemaker's Supply. I don't know how well the blade edge will hold up (it's Chinese stainless steel), but I do know I literally burned up (melted, to be more accurate) several HSS drill bits drilling the two holes for the pins. It's definitely some type of hardened steel...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bill's Marking Knife - 03 800.jpg 
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    And a detail shot of one of the pins, as well as an inclusion of some sort in one of the scales...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bill's Marking Knife - 04 800.jpg 
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    The handle is finished with a few coats of BLO, Tripoli and white diamond buffed, then waxed with Renaissance wax.

    Bill, here's hoping you get many years of use out of it. I apologize again for running out of time before I could make a case or scabbard for it. That piece of folded-over and taped cardboard sure was stylish though, don't ya think?
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    nice!! you gave out some beautiful gifts this trip.

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    Special. I'm sure that will be a treasured gift.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Those are both beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Congrats to you and Bill/Toni.
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    Another beautiful gift Vaughn.
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    Very nice Vaughn!

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    it sure is a nice knife and feels good in the hand Bill is going to make good use of it i am sure. that olive wood is beautiful also. You inspired me
    vaughn and I picked up a marking knife blade at Ron Hocks yesterday so I have one to make. Get ready for questions Vaughn, I will have them

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    Lovely! I need another bucket for the list of things I still want to do! The first one is still full!

    If I were to do this, I'd want to make a indentation on the top near the blade to push down with my index finger. Did you find the steel hard to shape as well? How did you sharpen it into the point?

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    Vaughn it sure is nice. I think time will prove it to be a most treasured tool in Bills aray. I think you aced it. You definitely an artistic woodworker. Now spill the beans on those rivets. Aint seen those before and they sexy.

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    Thanks for posting this for me Vaughn! It is beautiful isn't it everyone? Thanks again for the gift Vaughn.

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