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Thread: Save your fine wood dust

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    Save your fine wood dust

    Something I was thinking of this morning while gluing up a few cherry chairs. I have sandwich bags of fine wood dust hung on the wall to pull down to mix with a glue or epoxy to get the color of the joint correct, you know that ding or maybe little exposed gap you need to fill with hot wax. This will help elevate that problem.

    Another good use for the dust is filler. Use a drop of lacquer sealer in a small pile of the dust you need mix it well and use a razor blade to apply the mixture. Great way to avoid those unsightly crack or ding repairs.
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    Great idea. I'll start using that tip today
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    I also have a variety of Ziplock bags with fine sanding dust of different colors. Don't need to use the dust often, but when I do, it sure is handy having a selection of colors to choose from.
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