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Thread: A Bowl For Larry

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    A Bowl For Larry

    Since I had some small gifts for Toni and Bill when the Tour de Wood was at my house last weekend, I figured Larry should probably get a little something too. A few months ago Larry sent me some Michigan chocolate. Among the various things I made from it, there was this little bowl. It's about 9 3/4" by 1 3/4", and was just taking up shelf space at the house, so I figured Larry should have it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nothing spectacular in the grain, but it's still a nice piece of chocolate.

    Just for grins, here are a few pics of the bowl that the little bowl was cored from. It's about 10 1/2" by 2 1/2", finished with Formby's Tung Oil Finish (wiping varnish) and buffed with Don Pencil's PL compound and Renaissance Wax.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's interesting to see the contrast in the figure in these two bowls, even though they came out of the same blank. As I told Larry, turning crotch wood is kind of like a mining expedition. You try to find the vein of nice figure and expose it, without going too far and going past it. Had I mounted this blank the opposite way on the lathe, all of that pretty figure would have ended up as shavings on the floor.

    Larry agreed to help me free up some more shelf space by taking this bowl with him, too. In fact, he seemed eager to help me out. That's Larry for ya...always helping folks out.

    Seriously, Larry sent me two of the prettiest pieces of walnut crotch wood I've ever had the pleasure to turn. One of the pieces became this hollow form, which I'm keeping for myself. It's not for sale or's for my private collection. I really figured Larry deserved what was made from the other one as a token of my appreciation for sending me the wood in the first place. Thanks again, Larry.

    As usual, comments and critiques are welcome.
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    I really like that one, actually both are beauties, and it is so fitting that Larry get it back
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    Like Stu said bouth are beauties. He sure does grow some nice wood up there in that cold country.

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    Those are so simple yet elegant! Its almost like you just let the wood out!

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    Nicely done Vaughn.
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    Well Vaughn normally we would use a term "that guy has an eye for the ladies" well in that vein i would say Larry and you have an "eye for wood reading wood grain"

    Very nice indeed. At some point you turners are going to wear him down. He has to crack at some stage keep at it.

    Great gift Vaughn. That wood sure is getting some mileage.

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    what he gave me was very nice and a total surprize but the best honor of all of it was the fact that piece of my chocolate was good enough to be in his private collection,, and after seeing what he done with it , it was very evident why,, its one beatuiful piece. thanks again vaghn for some very nice gifts
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    Really well done Vaughn. I like the simple form and finish.
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    Well the bowls are very nice, but I'll bet most folks don't realize how athletic you are. Or how furry.

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