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Thread: I can't beleive it !

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    I can't beleive it !

    They pulled it out. Last night the entire side of my wife's family were together for a engagement party for my nephew. Lot's of people , to many in fact. I ventured down stairs for a little while with the youthful group and had 2 cups of some FINE WINE and light conversation. Then to the table for some nice dips and good scrimp. Now I full before dinner even gets there. So I head up stairs find the big leather sofa and plop my back side down. A few wounder over to talk for a while then the food gets there. Pulled pork and pulled chicken. Half sandwich and I'm done.
    Now for the I can believe it; The Caps game came on the 50" flat screen, it's 2-1 Canadians, then 3-1 then 4-1 then I'm telling my wife I'm done are you ready, yep, we head home. This morning I hear the Caps pulled it out in over time 6-5 yahoo Watch out Canada, Dc dose have a few groups worth supporting.
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    I'm not a wine connoisseur at all. I only buy screw off top bottles, but it seems to me that "cups" and "fine wine" don't belong together

    Sounds like a fun time. Family get togethers are the best
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