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Thread: Powder post beetles plywood?

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    Powder post beetles plywood?

    Hi everyone

    Awhile ago I had a problem with Powder post beetle infestation in the plywood of some drawers I built. Eventuallyl had to tear them apart and rebuild to solve the problem.,

    Fast forward to another project, using baltic birch. I went to another supplier, thinking that the outdoor storage could have been a problem with the first supplier.

    Got the sheet home, stupid me, didn't really look at it closely when I picked it up.

    Saw these when I turned the sheet over
    Attachment 4009

    I hope you can see them, looks like someone blasted the sheet with birdshot (not that I"m a hunter,but they are small holes)

    The holes aren't deep, I'm wondering if they are the result of damage in the log that the veneer was cut from and therefore there isn't a problem.

    I can deal with the holes and put them on the "bad side" of the project, I just don't want to get stuck tearing out more wood.


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    Jay, the staining around the holes leads me to believe that this was in the log when it was veneered. FWIW, we turners LOVE to find logs like this.

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    I agree, looks like the work of Ambrosia beetle. More than likely it was in the wood at the time of manufacturer as the staining is caused by a live fungus that feeds the larva, and would have been killed at the time of pressing and cooking into plywood.

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    Thanks guys, guess I'll go ahead and use it!


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