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Thread: Shops newest addition

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    Shops newest addition

    This was, believe it or not a gift from a good friend of mine. Not sure how old it is but it sure cuts nice......and square too. All I did was build table extensions. Also made a few changes in my shop, I'll post pics when I get cleaned up a bit, right now it looks like a hurricane went through.
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    I've used Radial arm saws in the past, and have one I'm needing to clean up.

    They really can be quite a versatile piece of equipment..
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    Thanks Brent. This one is really nice, it can cut just about any angle, as well as rip like a table saw.

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    I had one years ago and have been thinking about getting another one.
    Yours looks like its in great shape.
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    i have one and use it for crosscuts mainly ,, i dont like the rip feature of one, i rather use a table saw for that.. nice tool and in great looking shape
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    Very cool. Great score.
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