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Thread: teaser - 2for1 project

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    teaser - 2for1 project

    [original post deleted]

    Folks, my most profuse apologies, but I've had to take down my posts in this thread.

    As I've mentioned before I write occasional articles for Canadian Home Workshop magazine.
    I had previously offered this project to the magazine at least twice. Both times they turned it down.

    So I posted the teaser here, but I also sent a photo to my editor there, as they like to know what I'm working on. And suddenly now they want an article for the project. They have always been very understanding of my personal web page, and general online stuff, but as a matter of personal ethics I never post details -- and certainly not photos -- of a magazine project before it sees print.

    Again, my apologies for jumping the gun here.
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    Hey Art you crossed over to the spinny side? Apart from that i see a shelf and its made of Paduak

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    Kinda like the old saying, How do you keep an idiot in suspense?......................................... .............
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    well it's monday and no pics..
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